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Posts by Michael Harris

From yoga to my book

In this post I talk a bit more how I went from healing my body with yoga,
walking, plant foods and more.
You will hear how I wrote my book
Falling Down Getting UP and met my publisher in New York.

Getting my yoga on

After nearly losing my legs, and starting to walk again, I discovered the power of yoga,
This blog post is all about how I starting doing yoga on a regular basis - and how it was
exactly wanted I need to help heal my body.

Nearly Losing My Legs

As if life hadn't thrown me enough curveballs already, at 27 years old I nearly lost my legs.
One day I showed up at the hospital and was told that amputation was likely as a
result of my disease. In this episode I talk about what happened.

Diving into alcohol

Not knowing how to handle my life and tragic waterskiing accident,
I suffered from essentially no self esteem or confidence.  To cover up
what I was experiencing and feel accepted by others I started 
smoking pot and using alcohol. In this blog I describe how I felt 
and what happened. 

I was near death at 12 years old

At 12 years old I was in a tragic water skiing accident and had massive internal injuries.
The doctors did not expected me to live. As I laid in a coma I left my body and had a
near death experience. While out of my body I was surrounded by spirits and the
presence of God. Listen to this video to hear how I returned to life.