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Just Get Started – Michelle Mitchell


Michelle Mitchell

"Just Get Started"

Episode #53

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Michelle Mitchell

Michelle’s passion for kombucha started over a decade ago and led to her co-founding Humm Kombucha with Jamie Danek. She is the primary keeper and driver of Humm’s amazing culture and brand ethos within their staff-centric organization as well as overseeing brewing methods and ensuring that the taste profile of Humm’s kombucha is both excellent and consistent. She believes her mission is to bring love and light to the world and is instrumental in creating an air of positive energy and forging a culture of joy and freedom at Humm.

Highlights of Michelle's show include...

Starting Kombucha Mama in 2009 with Jamie Danek

Meeting her business partner on the tennis courts

Chief Cultural Angel of Humm

Making kombucha at home

Renaming Kombucha Mama to Humm Kombucha

Using love to guide the business and the staff

Helping other kombucha companies build their business

Facing divorce with grace when it was hard to put one foot in front of the other

Making kombucha as accessible as possible

The health of the business more important

Building and opening the first kombucha tap room in the country

Creating and adding new flavors

Believing in the innate goodness of people

256 bottles of kombucha in the closet

What's kombucha really good for?

How Michelle's mother in law got her started on kombucha

Planting your seeds and letting them grow with love and integrity

Just go for it and don't worry about the details

And much, much more....

Surround yourself with really smart people


Michelle Singing




Co-Founders Michelle & Jamie


Humm Kombucha


Original Kombucha Mama


Michelle with her kids


Michelle's son making kombucha at home


Skiing with her kids at Mt. Bachelor

Michelle's Links & Resources

Website: Humm Kombucha

Facebook: Humm Facebook

Instagram: Humm Instagram

Twitter: Humm Twitter

YouTube: Humm YouTube

Unlock Your Greatness – Les Brown

Les Brown

Les Brown

"Unlock Your Greatness" Creating Your Vision

Episode #52

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Les Brown’s straight-from-the-heart, passion and high-energy,
motivates audiences to step beyond their limitations and into
their greatness in many ways.

For over 41 years the legendary Les Brown has expanded his role from keynote speaker to Master Trainer, creating the kind of workshop learning experience that got him committed to personal-and-professional development many years earlier. His charisma, warmth and humor have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary achievers by using his own life, and his in-depth study of others’ challenges, to build an understanding of what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

Les Brown is one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity. For three decades he has not only studied the science of achievement, he’s mastered it by interviewing hundreds of successful business leaders and collaborating with them in the boardroom translating theory into bottom-line results for his clients.

Les Brown never tires of using his energies to transform the world, well-beyond the podium and public appearances, meshing traditional and social media to empower his audiences. Hundreds of thousands are watching him on YouTube and tens of thousands interact with him regularly on Facebook. He has a keen way of turning what he touches into gold. Over 20 years ago, he won a Chicago-area Emmy® for his unsurpassed fundraising pledge drive for the Public Broadcasting System. Followed by several bestselling books and hosting popular national talk shows on television and radio.

Highlights of Les's show include...

Working with Jack Boland on creating vision

Letting go of our negative thoughts to stay on top of your game

Your voice activated vision

Why money & time are unimportant

Why we must believe until we know

How a setback is a set up for comeback power

Going form speaking on stages to speaking in stadiums

Holding your vision already achieved

Having faith when challenges & adversities knock on the door

Being labeled "educable mentally retarded"

Someone's opinion of you is none of your business

Drinking from the wrong drinking fountain

The Georgia dome - "Its Not Over Until You Win"

Helping others to let go of their stories to help empower them now

The compelling story of Les becoming a DJ at 20

"You Gotta Be Hungry"

Living for your purpose

There is greatness within you

And much, much more....

Getting ready to spend time with family and 15 great grandchildren

Surrender to who you are now to give birth to who you must become

O.Q.P. - Only Quality People

The power of mentorship




Delivering a message of unleashing your greatness


Michael & Les in Bend, Oregon

Les Brown

Traveling in India


Les & the Brown men


Les with his mother


Les & Brendon Burchard


Les with his family & daughters


Les with Grant Cardone

Les Brown & Joel Olsteen

Les & Joel Osteen

Les & Nic

Les speaking with Nick Vujicic

Les Brown

Getting a bit of makeup before speaking


Les with Gail Kingsbury


Les's book "Unlock Your Greatness"


Les with Alain Blais & Anik Singal

Les's Links & Resources

Website: Les Brown Global

Facebook: Les Brown

YouTube: You Have Greatness Within You

YouTube: "It's Not OVER Until You Win! Your Dream is Possible"- From the Georgia Dome

Instagram: The Les Brown

LinkedIn: World Speaker

Bestselling Books: Author Page

No More Excuses – Celeste Jonson


Celeste Jonson

"D.A.R.E to Succeed"

Episode #51

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Celeste Jonson

Celeste's life...

From birth in an ambulance in the midst of a tornado through today, Celeste stirs things up with energy and daring people to “think possible” everywhere she goes.

As a transformational speaker & coach, Celeste is an expert at energizing and inspiring people to fully utilize their God-given gifts and personal power to facilitate transformations in their lives and those they lead. She brings a compelling and engaging message to those who seek to grow and optimize their success.

Celeste has been a keynote speaker or trainer at conferences, seminars, and private meetings across the U.S. and other countries including Japan, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana. Her greatest asset is her passion for inspiring and challenging people to raise the bar on their personal performance and collective results. She is not limited however, to inspired “motivational” speaking. Celeste also delivers highly interactive training experiences in person, via webinars or online intensive bootcamps. On top of all that Celeste is CEO of Les Brown Global

Highlights of Celeste's show include...

Urging people to imagine and believe - the gift we all have

Living out of what's possible

Working closely with Les Brown - empowering people everywhere

Music always in Celeste's life

Celeste's Books - D.A.R.E. to Succeed - best selling book

The song "Live Everyday"

The Joy Spreader's

Stretching beyond what you believe

Running the NYC marathon twice

Transforming the lives of those around you

Speaking & training around the world

Taking care of and helping mom

Receiving direction

Extended family that love on you

Equipping women leaders

Sustaining success with health & wellness

3 incredible tips for leadership, vision & action

Operation Clean Slate

Have a good spiritual foundation

celeste jonson

Speaking & Singing at the Growth Summit


Making a point while speaking


Speaking & Singing at the Growth Summit


Leading Visioneering


One of Eight Books

celeste jonson

Dream Big


With Harvey Mackay


Boxing with Les Brown


Hanging with the bull on Wall Street

Celeste's Links & Resources

Website: Celeste Jonson

Website: Daring Transitions

Vision, Purpose & Pacman – Karim Ellis


Karim Ellis

"Vision, Purpose & Pac-Man"

Episode #50

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Karim Ellis

Karim's knows how to live his vision - and help others do the same.

Karim R. Ellis is the founder of Empowered Education, a company devoted to developing both organizations and individuals.
A dynamic motivational speaker with 10 years experience in the arena of speaking, training, and coaching, Karim takes great pride in cultivating leaders and champions. His sole desire is to unlock an atmosphere of greatness in the lives of the people he connects with on a daily basis.

As a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team, Karim has graced many stages and platforms. Teaching leadership and team building principles to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Anthem, Kroger and even the U.S. Army.

All successful organizations understand that effective leadership is at the heart of every business and Karim Ellis prides himself on Leadership Creation and Development. As a trainer, Karim has constructed several programs and workshops specifically for the purpose of taking Leaders to the “Next Level”.
When Karim Ellis teaches a topic or delivers a message, he makes sure that the room absolutely “gets it”.

Highlights of Karim's show include...

Relationship ending badly

Broke and in debt


The big switch

Chasing our purpose

Feeling worthless & suicidal

Discovering your gifts and talents

Stealing Pacman

How leverage can change everything

The real value of mentorship

Vision and the year of your dreams

The expiration date


Karim & Les Brown


Karim on stage at Purdue University




Karim shares his Toastmaster awards




In deep contemplation


In Marrakech


Karim in visualization


Karim with Les Brown, Nic Vujicic & Deneen Andrades

Karims's Links & Resources

Website: Karim Ellis

Linkeden: Karim Ellis

Facebook: Motivational Speaker

YouTube: Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Coach

Living an Unshackled Life – Aaron Scott Young


Aaron Scott Young

"Living an Unshackled Life"

Episode #49

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Aaron Young

Aaron is a celebrated keynote and breakout speaker, he has addressed entrepreneurial and business audiences for many major players in global trading and finance.

A lifelong entrepreneur, trusted advisor to CEOs, Outsourced Chief Strategy Officer and creator of The Unshackled Owner (a program for entrepreneurs looking to build a business … not just a glorified job), Aaron is armed with the expertise needed to quickly get to the heart of complex issues, identify solutions and illuminate the path to forward progress. His unique vantage point sets him apart from the crowd as a voice of real-world knowledge and authority.

Aaron Scott Young is a renowned entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience and several multi-million dollar companies under his belt. Aaron has made it his life’s work to arm business owners with success formulas that immediately provide exponential growth and protection. Fully embodying the concept of the unshackled business owner, he inspires others to do the same by empowering them to build strong companies while proactively protecting their dreams.

This is what Aaron knows. When you have the right systems and culture in place, you can build a business that works for you. One that is optimized for cash flow, growth and progress.


A Few Highlights of Aaron's show include...

Early entrepreneur as a painter

Getting a surprise job offer as VP sales for a national company

Leaving his job to go back on his own

Flipping his first house

Why business and marketing systems are critical for success

The building of numerous multi-million businesses

Nearly losing it all and depending on gleaners for food

20 Critical Steps for Business Success

And much much more on taking charge of your life as an entrepreneur


Aaron & Jack Canfield


Aaron on Focus


Aaron signing books


Aaron & his wife with Michael McConaughey


Aaron on his podcast


Aaron speaking at an event


Aaron with Joe & Mary


Aaron & his wife Michelle


Aaron with Minnie & Mickey

Aaron's Links & Resources

Website: Aaron Scott Young

Website: Aaron's Podcast

Website: Laughlin USA