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Bad Ass Manifester


Frank Gjata

"Bad Ass Manifester"

Episode #48

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Frank Gjata is a writer, transformational coach, filmmaker, social entrepreneur and bad ass manifester.

He is on a mission to raise consciousness around the world in a fun, lighthearted…and sometimes, even quirky way. He is dedicated to creating innovative tools that support people (including himself) to wake up, live consciously, and enthusiastically love the life we live.

To that end, Frank created, and six other websites, that feature unique tools, articles, and services for the purpose of igniting transformational, life-changing shifts in the moment. Frank not only provides inspiration for the heart and soul, but also the skin. He is the founder of Conscious Ink (, the first-ever company to utilize temporary tattoos as empowering reminders to support adults on their personal journey.

In 2017, Frank wrote, directed, and performed in a short film called “The Great Dictator Returns”, a bold remake of Charlie Chaplin’s famous inspirational speech from the Academy Award winning film “The Great Dictator”. An adapted version of Frank’s short film for Facebook currently has over 400,000 views.

Highlights of Frank's show include...

Franks mission to raise the consciousness of the world

Embrace who we truly are and let go of the details

The words that we say and how we say it

Letting go of the judgements of our thoughts

Synchronicity in life

Being in the flow of life

My naked guru

Putting words on our body - Be Present

Words and colors tested by healing shaman

Reality reflects the state we are holding / being who we really are

Having the ability to create what we want with the words that we use

Setting a conscious intention

Franks rendition of the Great Dictator (Charlie Chaplin)

Walking through Conscious Ink

Supporting people to make a shift in their lives

Finding the most loving way in any situation

What happens when we shift our thoughts




Frank applying a temporary tattoo


Remember who you really are


Frank at the store


Frank as Chaplin in The Great Dictator


Bad Ass Manifester


Frank with his daughter


By acknowledging...


Frank spreading love

Franks Links & Resources

Website - Conscious Ink

Website - Blississippi



The Great Dictator Returns On Facebook


The Pirate Within – Finding Your Inner Leader


James Evanow

"The Pirate Within, Finding Your Inner Leader"

Episode #47

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James Evanow

Can a sea captain change the world?

James Evanow is an international speaker, author, and trainer. His flagship program, “Chart Your Course,” provides breakthrough training in the areas of emotional intelligence, leadership and belief awareness.

James is a multi-talented entrepreneurial businessman, and what sets him apart from other speakers and trainers are his experiences in over 20 years as a sea captain. He is uniquely qualified to help corporations, organizations, and individuals to achieve their goals by breaking through destructive patterns.

In his speeches and workshops James shares compelling stories from his years at sea—in severe conditions, sometimes facing life and death situations—that teach people how to navigate through turbulent times. His unique style combines his passion with his wit and humor to deliver an effective and entertaining presentation to inspire improved communication and leadership skills.

He has travelled throughout the United States and Canada, conducting trainings on Emotional Intelligence and Creative Leadership in over 40 cities. He is a certified empowerment coach and works with executives as well as supervisors and upper level management.

His passion for helping people inspired him to write his first book, “Wisdom From the Sea,” which chronicles tales of adventure at sea in the context of leadership and development.

Highlights of James's show include...

At six years old family moves to Crescent City, California

Father becomes a tuna fisherman off the west coast

James becoming a fisherman and sea captain

The last thing that James's father said before passing

Meditation, visualization and faith

Emotional Intelligence and self awareness

The anchors around our necks and how they way us down

Our inner critic and inner voice

James brother & father dies hitting the rocks returning from a fishing trip

Why it is truly up to us to do the work

Are you on course to your destination

Pace your self empowerment

Insights from James's book "Wisdom from the Sea"

How the sea can teach us about life and business

Three tips that anyone can use to live their life


Keep on Smiling..!!


"Wisdom from the Sea"




On the boat


God Bless Tuna




James and Chart Your Course


With James Malinchak


Keynote Speaking

James's Links & Resources

Website: James Evanow

Website: Pace Your Self

Website: James 360

Book: Wisdom from the Sea

Jenni Trumpa – Passion, Family & Fitness


Jenni Trumpa

"Passion, Family & Fitness"

Episode #46

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Jenni Trumpa

The passion and infectious life of Jenni, family & fitness...

From the moment you begin listening to this conversation you will quickly understand Jenni's passion for living a truly awesome life. Jenni is a master at helping others feel motivated and inspired to do their best. You’ll feel confident to catapult your transformation, learn to break thru self-limiting barriers, and become the person you know you are. During Jenni’s 25 years as a fitness professional, she has helped 1000's of women and men begin, succeed, and transform their health and wellness. Her unique energy, easy to follow systems, relatable guidance, and empathetic support will help you unlock your potential and gain strength from the inside out. Jenni's career includes being a Top Level Master Trainer for Beachbody Live - including P90x, Insanity, PiYo, Turbokick, CIZE and more. She worked with Billy Blank Jr. on Dance with Me and is a Pilates Instructor. And, that's just for starters. Today she is opening her own Fit Body Boot Camp center in Bend, Oregon

Highlights of Jenni's show include...

Starting out as a runner in high school track

12 years in Hawaii finding her self

Jumping into the fitness world

Working with Billy Blank Jr.

Meeting her husband

Conquering relationship challenges

Discovering the Keto diet as the result of a Type 1 diabetic son.

Living the Vitality Lifestyle

3 Tips to help you kick start your life

Getting started with Beach Body


Beachbody Master Trainer


With Joel Freemen, husband and tired child




Fall into Fitness


With the family on New Years!


Jumping in the snow.


Before and after of Jenni


A bit of playful PiYo


Kickin' it at the lake.

Jenni's Links & Resources

Website: Fit Body Boot Camp

Website: Vitality Lifestyle


Jon Paul Crimi ~ Standing out with Breathwork


Jon Paul Crimi

"Breathwork, How to Create & Transform Your Life"

Episode #45

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Jon Paul Crimi

In this episode you will hear how Jon Paul grew up in the "Irish" part of Boston. How he was stabbed in the head, struggled with alcohol and drugs, and lost all his hair. Finally a stripper (his roommate) convinced him that he needed help. Jon Paul began to turn his life around - and discovered how learning to breathe - was a cornerstone to a new life. Eventually his friend Matthew Perry said that he needed to teach his techniques to the world.

Originally from Boston, in his early 20’s, Jon Paul moved to Los Angeles and quickly became one of the most sought after Celebrity Trainers and Sober Coaches in the Country. Unexpectedly, he found himself in a breathwork class and had a massive transformation that first time. Knowing he had to share this technique, he not only began teaching but developed his own unique style and quickly began selling out classes all over Los Angeles.

Highlights of Jon Paul's show include...

How mom's intuitively remind kids to breathe.

Growing up in Boston

Getting stabbed in the head in the Irish section of Boston

Struggling with alcohol and drugs

Getting out of Boston and moving to Los Angeles

Eating Vicodin like candy

Being super sensitive as a kid

How his roommate stripper friend suggested he needed help

Discovering breathwork

Becoming a "celebrity" trainer, breathworker and sober coach

His version of happiness

Spreading the word of how to live a healthy and fulfilling life

Getting his purple belt in Jiu Jitsu


Jon Paul leading a teacher training




Jon Paul teaching breathing.


The family


Jon Paul getting his purple belt


Stuck in a sea of mannequin's

Jon Paul's Links & Resources



Time is Precious, Love is Everything


Ken Streater

"Time is Precious, Love is Everything"

Episode #44

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Ken Streater ~ Social Entrepreneur

Ken's life has been one of exploration, writing, community service and being the good.

Ken Streater is a social-good entrepreneur, philosopher, and author. As the founder of Hooray Cafe, contributing editor to, consultant to Fortune 500 clients, and international river guide, Ken has traveled, worked, and played in 50 countries. His writings are based on illuminating experiences in places such as isolated Siberian river villages never before visited by Westerners, Botswanan delta waters plied by angry hippos, and a stunned Hong Kong during the Tiananmen Square uprising.

Ken writes to help foster supportive and flourishing cultures. His books offer insights into everyday heroes who take small and big steps in order to manifest meaningful individual and community change. He formulates and shares ideas for our greater good, concepts born of interactions with wise elders and young visionaries around the world.

Highlights of Ken's show include...

Growing up in an orange grove in San Bernardino

Being inspired by the camaraderie on his first rafting trip as a teenager

Becoming an international rafting guide

Moving from fear to trust in todays world

The man in the airport in Zimbabwe when Ken's father passed away

First westerners in a small village in Siberia

Using rafting to build community locally and internationally

Saving four seniors from being kicked out of their apartments

Hiding in a shelter in Hawaii during a nuclear attack warning

Igor the Russian interpreter and John Denver

The Hooray Cafe - 20 communities by 2020 & the Goodness' Sake Project

3 actions to be good now

Time is precious, love is everything


Ken on stage


Above the Arctic in Norway with the family.


Ken at TedX


Rafting in Russia


In Russia flying into the put in.


Alaska rafting adventure.


Russia / US peace rafting trip.

Katun river, Altai Mountains, Siberia, Russia

Rafting the Katun River in Russia.


Mud on his face rafting the Rio San Cristobal in Bolivia


Salmon River during a flood in northern California.

The Gift of Courage


Be the Good

Ken's Links & Resources

Website - Ken Streater

Website - Hooray Cafe

Book - The Gift of Courage

Book - Be the Good - Coming soon!


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