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Amy Guerrero – The Happy Warrior


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Amy Guerrero

It is no accident that Amy is  a coach who teaches functional, holistic practices, yoga, mindfulness, and is committed to a journey of healing.  She spent most of her life, pursuing self-help in books, forums, festivals, retreats and her own journey.

When Amy found drugs and alcohol, she became a master escape artist and chameleon. She was going to church, yoga, all kinds of weekend workshops, meditating, eating well.  However, the truth is, Amy’s greatest relief came in the form of a powdery substance, a pill, a distilled beverage or a co-dependent relationship.

Now as a recovery coach, Amy works with all kinds of holistic and functional modalities.  Because everybody is a unique body, and one person’s medicine could be another person’s poison, Amy and her clients laugh a lot, have fun unraveling, creating new habits and transforming together.  The work she does is simple but not always easy. Play is mandatory.

Listen to this podcast now and learn how Amy keeps her life and here clients lives thriving.

Show Highlights

  • Discovering In high school Guerrero means warrior
  • Going through her own personal warrior training
  • Grandmother using whisky on the gums to soothe
  • Mother not wanting to raise her as a child
  • A master at masking emotions
  • On the outside everything looked good
  • Staying alive because of alcohol & curiosity
  • No regrets
  • Unexplainable illnesses & body shutting down
  • First business in real estate
  • Graduating with honors from college
  • Using cocaine & starting yoga
  • Birth mom showing up
  • Couldn’t fake it anymore
  • Becoming a recovery coach
  • Finding a relationship with self
  • Discovering her truth
  • Putting together her own recovery program
  • Working with other people
  • Learning to relate to own body
  • Being a rebel recovery professional
  • Setting yourself free
  • Help others heal trauma
  • 3 ideas for the listener
  • Smiling & being happy
  • Getting through anything



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