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Gail Kingsbury – The Secret Weapon


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Gail Kingsbury

Joe Polish says “All Roads Lead to Gail”

Be sure to listen to Gail and this remarkable behind the scenes episode on what it takes to
move your life to a remarkable level of service – and the greatest growth possible. 

If you name any Thought Leader over the past 35 years — whether it’s Tony Robbins, Daymond John or Les Brown — guess who they call when they need to absolutely ace their next event?  Gail Kingsbury.

You may not have heard her name before simply because she is the secret weapon today’s top speakers rely on to launch their careers and keep the behind the scenes running smoothly.

For the last 30+ years Gail has worked with everyone from Tony Robbins to T. Harv Eker to Brian Tracy.  From Daymond John, Barbara D’Angelis, Dean Graziosi, Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Brendon Burchard and many many more. 

Gail has been instrumental in getting new and accomplished leaders and speakers on the right stages, building/boosting their brands and creating the ultimate experience for their events.

Bernado Mayo says “Gail knows what works, what doesn’t. Her insights
and real-time mentoring of my staff has already made a difference for our next event.”
Les Brown says “It was Gail Kingsbury who was there with me and
helped to launch my career and I owe much of my success to her.”

Show Notes

4:19 Gail staring in the ’80’s with Brian Tracy
5:04 Tony Robbins managing the early Mastery Program
6:08 Helping T. Harv Ecker Launch “Secrets of the Millionaires Mind”
9:02 Changing how new books are launched
11:39 Putting Brendon Burchard on stage with Peak Potentials
13:16 Learning event management at a Hawaiian Polo Club
15:07 How Gail’s mom & Englebert Humperdinck influenced her career
20:09 How a Speak & Grow Rich mastermind & Armand Morin changed this podcast
22:15 What is Speak & Grow Rich & helping others leap frog in their business
27:03 A flop at a train the trainer event
29:21 Suggestions to speak your message
33:56 Trying to do to much & getting focused
38:05 A participant wanting to buy Armand Morin’s program
42:34 Just start where you are and whats important to get on stage

Photo Gallery of Gail, friends & family

Gail Kingsbury’s Links

Website: Gail Kingsbury

Website: Speak & Grow Rich

Speakl and Grow Rich

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