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Michael Galinsky ~ The good word about Chronic Pain….


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Michael Galinsky – a prolific documentary film producer is struck with chronic pain. What does he do? He and his wife Suki grab their video camera of course and begins to film his withering body on the floor of his office.

This real life experience turns into a film about getting rid of his pain with the help of a “mindbody” doctor. Michael and Suki dive into creating this groundbreaking film and realizes how our society deals – and doesn’t deal with the growing influence of money and pain.

This film opens with Larry David (creator of Seinfeld) and Howard Stern (shock jock) dive into their own misery from pain. You must listen to this discussion about the film “All the Rage” – and Dr. Sarno. Michael & Suki together, create a true multi-award winning masterpiece that just might change the way we all deal with our own pain and health.

Michael’s Links & Resources

Website: “All the Rage” film



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