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Sean Tyler Foley

Sean Tyler Foley – Getting Naked with Sean


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Sean Tyler Foley has been acting in film and television since he was 6 years old and graduated from the Alberta High School of Fine Arts. He has appeared in Freddy Vs Jason, Door to Door, and Carrie. He is currently the Owner of Drop the Mic Speaker’s Agency and author of the book The Power to Speak Naked.

Sean Tyler Foley (or STF as he’s affectionately known) loves helping people find their voice and getting their message out to the world. It is the focus of the book that he wrote “The Power to Speak Naked” and is what truly brings him joy in life. As a performer, speaker, and just a general seeker of attention, he knows how hard it can be to get in front of an audience. If STF can help facilitate that in any small way for others, it is what he was put on this Earth to do.

STF is a husband, father, son, and performer in that order. Some days it feels like he has dabbled in every industry on the planet, from oil and gas to aviation to film and television. He has owned or been partners in some very diverse businesses and currently is self-employed as a professional speaker and trainer.

Regardless of the industry or the titles he has held, what they all had in common was promoting and encouraging people to be heard and understood. STF has a passion for connecting people and facilitating introductions, and loves when he gets the opportunity to say “I know someone who does that, let me introduce you.”

Show Overview

2:30. Freddie vs. Jason – morning into Jason acting in the movie

6:45 Sean’s dad passing at 6 years old – Why it got him into acting
9:54 Receiving a scholarship to a Fine Arts School
12:04 Fathers death finally hits him at 11 or 12 years old
13:21 Power of community
14:51 Fine Arts High School
16:31 Having a mini stroke as a senior – 85% paralyzed on his left side – withdrawing from final performance
21:30 Dr. Bob Corbett & Dr. Joann Corbett helps Sean to heal completely – power of the mind – there was future – walking again
28:51 The power of telling stories – empowering others
34:51 The Power to Speak Naked – the story behind the story
40:53 Your story matters and can help others
45:38 Leadership development  / Power of Connection
47:33 Sean’s three simple steps to tell better stories
51:07 Authenticity is synonymous with self awareness


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Book: The Power to Speak Naked


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