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Celeste Jonson

"D.A.R.E to Succeed"

Episode #51

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Be Clear

Celeste Jonson

Celeste's life...

From birth in an ambulance in the midst of a tornado through today, Celeste stirs things up with energy and daring people to “think possible” everywhere she goes.

As a transformational speaker & coach, Celeste is an expert at energizing and inspiring people to fully utilize their God-given gifts and personal power to facilitate transformations in their lives and those they lead. She brings a compelling and engaging message to those who seek to grow and optimize their success.

Celeste has been a keynote speaker or trainer at conferences, seminars, and private meetings across the U.S. and other countries including Japan, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana. Her greatest asset is her passion for inspiring and challenging people to raise the bar on their personal performance and collective results. She is not limited however, to inspired “motivational” speaking. Celeste also delivers highly interactive training experiences in person, via webinars or online intensive bootcamps. On top of all that Celeste is CEO of Les Brown Global

Highlights of Celeste's show include...

Urging people to imagine and believe - the gift we all have

Living out of what's possible

Working closely with Les Brown - empowering people everywhere

Music always in Celeste's life

Celeste's Books - D.A.R.E. to Succeed - best selling book

The song "Live Everyday"

The Joy Spreader's

Stretching beyond what you believe

Running the NYC marathon twice

Transforming the lives of those around you

Speaking & training around the world

Taking care of and helping mom

Receiving direction

Extended family that love on you

Equipping women leaders

Sustaining success with health & wellness

3 incredible tips for leadership, vision & action

Operation Clean Slate

Have a good spiritual foundation

celeste jonson

Speaking & Singing at the Growth Summit


Making a point while speaking


Speaking & Singing at the Growth Summit


Leading Visioneering


One of Eight Books

celeste jonson

Dream Big


With Harvey Mackay


Boxing with Les Brown


Hanging with the bull on Wall Street

Celeste's Links & Resources

Website: Celeste Jonson

Website: Daring Transitions

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