Next Level Coaching

Have You Created Your Own Life?
Or, are you living your life by default?

Get help to be clear & focused on
exactly what you want and how to create it.

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This unique coaching program is for you if
you want more out of your life.

You have a vision that is bigger than you.

You know that you have much more to share with
the world than you are currently doing now. 

"In 2016 I took over a dying yoga studio. With the help of Michael,
July 2017 was up 224% in just one year. One of the best parts of having a
business coach is that Michael holds me accountable to take action."
~ Shannon Engelhardt, Hot Yoga Venture

In your coaching you will be invited to
let go of what you no longer need...

reveal what you really desire and create the
strategy and action to make it happen.  It doesn’t
matter where you start from, what matters is once
a decision is made, that action can happen quickly.  

"I have known and worked with Michael for years.
The incredible insight and knowledge he has for applying
the principals of yoga to business has helped me tremendously."
~ Eva Vidal, Multiple Business Owner


As a motivated entrepreneur you are looking for a
way to
take your vision and ideas to the next level.

Are you someone that wants to reinvent yourself and
run your life and business in a whole new way? 

If that fits you, then lets talk to see if
it makes sense to work together.

To get started simply complete the info below and you will be
contacted shortly.  If you can't wait, simply email me directly.


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Ready to learn more on how you can make a quantum leap as an entrepreneur? 
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More about Coaching with Michael...

Michael applies the principals of yoga to life and business.  For instance,
revenue and cash flow is the breathe of business. Systems and sub-systems
in a yoga practice can be applied to creating a thriving business.  And, much more.

You will quickly realize that his insights and experience will help you tremendously -
especially if you are in
personal or professional transitions. 

Michael helps his clients reveal and implement their personal vision - and take action.
Michael has literally taught thousands of people around the world to live life without the
constraints of pre-conceived limitations. He has the unique ability to zero in on
helping you
create the life you want to live.

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