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Amy Guerrero – The Happy Warrior

By Michael Harris | July 15, 2019

Amy Guerrero “The Happy Warrior” Episode #57 Watch video or download podcast below Amy Guerrero It is no accident that Amy is  a coach who teaches functional, holistic practices, yoga, mindfulness, and is committed to a journey of healing.  She…

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Brad Colwell ~ Teaching Yoga with Fire

By Michael Harris | July 7, 2019

Brad Colwell “Teaching Yoga with Fire” Episode #56 Watch video or download podcast below Brad Colwell Brad is very passionate about yoga and health! He has spent years closely studying the therapeutic benefits of yoga.  He ensures students are able to learn the…

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Jackie Simek – Guiding Entrepreneurs to a Better Life

By Michael Harris | July 2, 2019

Jackie Simek “Guiding Entrepreneursto a better life” Episode #55 Watch video or download podcast below Jackie Simek Once upon a time, Jackie was working for someone else where she helped raise over $2 billion in capital and sold over $1 million…

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Nathalie Croix – Yoga, On & Off the Mat

By Michael Harris | May 29, 2019
Nathalie Croix

Nathalie Croix “Yoga…On & Off the Mat” Episode #54 Watch video or download podcast below Nathalie Croix has been teaching yoga for over almost twenty years. She has been leading Shanti Yoga Trainings for the last five years, with over…

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Just Get Started – Michelle Mitchell

By Michael Harris | April 17, 2019

Michelle Mitchell “Just Get Started” Episode #53 Listen or download audio podcast below show highlights & pictures.  Michelle Mitchell Michelle’s passion for kombucha started over a decade ago and led to her co-founding Humm Kombucha with Jamie Danek. She is…

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Les Brown ~ Unlock Your Greatness

By Michael Harris | April 14, 2019
Les Brown

Les Brown “Unlock Your Greatness” Creating Your Vision Episode #52 Watch video or download podcast below Les Brown’s straight-from-the-heart, passion and high-energy,motivates audiences to step beyond their limitations and intotheir greatness in many ways. For over 41 years the legendary Les Brown…

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Celeste Jonson ~ No More Excuses

By Michael Harris | April 12, 2019

Celeste Jonson “D.A.R.E to Succeed” Episode #51 Watch video or download podcast below Celeste Jonson Celeste’s life… From birth in an ambulance in the midst of a tornado through today, Celeste stirs things up with energy and daring people to…

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Karim Ellis ~ Vision, Purpose & Pacman

By Michael Harris | April 6, 2019

Karim Ellis “Vision, Purpose & Pac-Man” Episode #50 Watch video or download podcast below Karim Ellis Karim’s knows how to live his vision – and help others do the same. Karim R. Ellis is the founder of Empowered Education, a…

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Aaron Scott Young ~ Living an Unshackled Life

By Michael Harris | March 29, 2019

Aaron Scott Young “Living an Unshackled Life” Episode #49 Watch video or download podcast below Aaron Young Aaron is a celebrated keynote and breakout speaker, he has addressed entrepreneurial and business audiences for many major players in global trading and…

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Frank Gjata ~ Bad Ass Manifester

By Michael Harris | March 26, 2019

Frank Gjata “Bad Ass Manifester” Episode #48 Watch video or download podcast below Frank Gjata is a writer, transformational coach, filmmaker, social entrepreneur and bad ass manifester. He is on a mission to raise consciousness around the world in a…

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James Evanow ~ The Pirate Within, Finding Your Inner Leader

By Michael Harris | March 22, 2019

James Evanow “The Pirate Within, Finding Your Inner Leader” Episode #47 Watch video or download podcast below James Evanow Can a sea captain change the world? James Evanow is an international speaker, author, and trainer. His flagship program, “Chart Your…

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Jenni Trumpa – Passion, Family & Fitness

By Michael Harris | March 16, 2019

Jenni Trumpa “Passion, Family & Fitness” Episode #46 Watch video or download podcast below Jenni Trumpa The passion and infectious life of Jenni, family & fitness… From the moment you begin listening to this conversation you will quickly understand Jenni’s…

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