Karim Ellis ~ Vision, Purpose & Pacman


Karim Ellis

"Vision, Purpose & Pac-Man"

Episode #50

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Be Clear 

Karim Ellis

Karim's knows how to live his vision - and help others do the same.

Karim R. Ellis is the founder of Empowered Education, a company devoted to developing both organizations and individuals.
A dynamic motivational speaker with 10 years experience in the arena of speaking, training, and coaching, Karim takes great pride in cultivating leaders and champions. His sole desire is to unlock an atmosphere of greatness in the lives of the people he connects with on a daily basis.

As a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team, Karim has graced many stages and platforms. Teaching leadership and team building principles to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Anthem, Kroger and even the U.S. Army.

All successful organizations understand that effective leadership is at the heart of every business and Karim Ellis prides himself on Leadership Creation and Development. As a trainer, Karim has constructed several programs and workshops specifically for the purpose of taking Leaders to the “Next Level”.
When Karim Ellis teaches a topic or delivers a message, he makes sure that the room absolutely “gets it”.

Highlights of Karim's show include...

Relationship ending badly

Broke and in debt


The big switch

Chasing our purpose

Feeling worthless & suicidal

Discovering your gifts and talents

Stealing Pacman

How leverage can change everything

The real value of mentorship

Vision and the year of your dreams

The expiration date


Karim & Les Brown


Karim on stage at Purdue University




Karim shares his Toastmaster awards




In deep contemplation


In Marrakech


Karim in visualization


Karim with Les Brown, Nic Vujicic & Deneen Andrades

Karims's Links & Resources

Website: Karim Ellis

Linkeden: Karim Ellis

Facebook: Motivational Speaker

YouTube: Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Coach

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