Kylie Slavik – A Whole Story in One Sentence

Kylie Slavik

Kylie Slavik

"A Whole Story in
One Sentence"

Episode #63

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Kylie Slavik

In this in-depth incredible episode with marketing genius Kyle Slavik we learn the profound power of story in our lives and in marketing. How can you tell a story in one sentence? Discover how chocolate, sex and story create the same chemical effect in the brain. Kylie will also give you three simple steps you can do now to create story in your life and business.  Get your notepad out for this magically journey with Kylie on Falling UP Radio.

Show Notes

2:18 Why does story matter in the world?

3:15 How chocolate, sex & story triggers the same effect in the brain

5:25 Sitting around campfires and telling stories

6:49 Kylie's story of getting into stories

8:47 Slam Poetry in Florida

10:38 Max Simon looking for a content manager hires Kylie

13:54 Interviewing the top thought leaders on one thing that works in their business,

15:41 Story in business and why its critical and making $2.5 million in 12 weeks

18:53 Basic elements of a great story that make it stand out

24:01 Iconic brands that harness the power of story

27:13 The different forms of expressing story and connecting with others

29:07 Kylie reveals her struggles and how she got past it

33:21 James Cameron creating conflict in films

35:25 Attractive characters and throwing rocks

36:12 Three simple ideas to create story in your life and business

39:01 Telling a whole story in one sentence

46:12 Trust that people want to hear your story

kylie slavik

Kylie's Happy Self

kylie slavik

A stroll on the beach

Kylie Slavik

Smily Peaceful Feeling

kylie slavik

Kylie with Parents

kylie slavik

Kylie on a Podcast

Kyl;ie Slavik

Sitting at an Energy Retreat

kylie slavik

Bhakti Blissed Out

kylie slavik

You Never Scaled a Business Like This

kylie slavik

Fun at the Beach

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