Lydia Puller ~ Plant Based Food Expert Tells Her Journey for Life


Lydia Puller

"Plant Based Expert Tells Her Story for Life"

Episode #30

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When our guest was a law school student she realized that the stress of school could be killing her. After many years of visiting numerous doctors that put her on countless medications, she dives into what her mom instilled in her as a child. Eating plants can keep you healthy.

Our guest Lydia Puller tells her story of what it was like to be kept from candy, wanting to eat bacon cheeseburgers and getting sick. Lydia - the Plant Food Expert, tells how she now lives spreading the word of the benefits of plant based eating for those that are ready to listen.

She even dives into the rampant myth that eating plants is more expensive than being an omnivore. Lydia feeds herself well on just $30 a week. You'll have to listen to hear the rest of this truly amazing story.


Yummy plant food..!!


Lydia & her favorite salad.


A platter of scrumptious tacos.

Lydia's Links & Resources

Website: Plant Based Food for Life