Nic Fitzgerald ~ Going From Broke to a Successful Film Maker in Less Than a Year


Nic Fitzgerald

"How our Guest Went from Broke to Successful Film Maker in Less Than a Year"

Episode #32

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The government said he wasn't capable of providing for his family. They put him on Medicad and food stamps.


Our guest, Nic Fitzgerald had been a star basketball player at Southern Utah Universtiy and rose in the ranks of financial services - and lost everything. He found himself and his wife broke, living in a family members basement apartment.


A chance online encounter with an old friend changed everything. Now less than a year later he's moving into his new home and finding a way to help others tell their story through film. You have to listen to Nic's story and how he changed his life.


Nic filming another video.


Another day looking sharp.


Yes, Nic is filming a basketball.

Nic's Links & Resources

Website: Friendly Giant Films