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Time is Precious, Love is Everything

By Michael Harris

Ken Streater “Time is Precious, Love is Everything” Episode #44 Watch video or download podcast below Ken Streater ~ Social Entrepreneur Ken’s life has been one of exploration, writing, community service and being the good. Ken Streater is a social-good entrepreneur, philosopher, and author. As the founder of Hooray Cafe, contributing editor to motivation.com, consultant…

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Stopping the Voices in Your Head

By Michael Harris

Jonalyn Henle “Stopping the Voices in the Head” Episode #43 Watch video or download podcast below Jonalyn Henle Overview of Episode Tom and Jonalyn began practicing Bikram Yoga in July 2008. Both have been certified to teach Bikram Yoga by Bikram Choudhry at his nine week Teacher Training in Southern California. They have raised both…

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Thomas Bähler – Creative & Legendary Music Producer

By Michael Harris

Thomas Bähler “Thomas Bähler ~ Creative Legendary Music Producer, Composer, Vocalist” Episode #42 Watch video or download podcast below Thomas Bähler Tommy Bähler’s life has been nothing less than extraordinary. From a young child Tommy’s father encouraged him to explore and exercise his intuition to discover the world. And has he ever done that. Tommy…

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