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They can’t find anything wrong – is stress killing you?

By Michael Harris

Dr. David Clarke “Is Stress Literally Killing You?” Episode #41 Watch video or download podcast below “They Can’t Find Anything Wrong” Do you have a chronic condition or pain that there is just no reason for? Have you been in and out of hospitals and doctor offices with no relief? Have diagnostic tests come back…

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Pro Snowboarder Breaks Both Ankles and Turns to Yoga

By Michael Harris

Mica Fish “Pro Snowboarder Breaks Ankles and Turns to Yoga” Episode #40 Watch video or download podcast below “I need a break” said our said our guest Mica right before a practice jump for a competition. When she lands she breaks both her ankles and her professional snowboarding career is essentially over. Now what? Mica…

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Jessica’s life was slipping away

By Michael Harris

Jessica Gardner “Jessica’s Life Was Slipping Away” Episode #39 Watch video or download podcast below Jessica’s life was slipping away…. By 16 years old Jessica’s body was attacking itself. Since 12 she had been on multiple medications for an auto immune disease – and at 16 she had 5 tumors removed from her neck from…

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