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Jenifer Madson ~ Jenifer’s Breakthrough to a New Life

By Michael Harris

Jenifer Madson “Jenifer’s Breakthrough to a New Life” Episode #38 Watch video or download podcast below Living sober has been good to Jenifer…. Jenifer’s life was a mess. One late night she found herself doing anything she could to find more – more alcohol – more substances – really anything that would stop her mind.…

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Michele Vannard ~ Rocking the world with love & yoga

By Michael Harris

Michele Vennard “The yogini that rocks the world…” Episode #36 Watch video or download podcast below Michele rocks the world with love and yoga..!! In 1998 Michele walked into a yoga studio in San Francisco for her first yoga class. Her mother had recently passed from Alzheimer’s and Michele was grieving and feeling lost without…

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Eva Vidal ~ From Pain to Peace: How Yoga Changed Eva’s Life

By Michael Harris

Eva Vidal “From Pain to Peace: How Yoga Changed Eva’s Life” Episode #35 Watch video or download podcast below Yoga changed Eva’s life. For over ten years Eva was seeing a chiropractor two or three times a week for all sorts of pain. Knees, hips, ankles, back and more. To keep up her running she…

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