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Michael's #1 Book 

While getting a few chuckles along the way,
see how Michael got out of his terrible mess
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without doctors - and healed himself.
And, how you can too. 


"A Whole New Way to Get Much
More of What You Want"

This fascinating report by my brother Bill
talks about how awareness creates choice.

Awarenss Choice

"Need a new financial beginning?"

Learn systems and tools that can help you
take charge of your money and your life.

"Watch this award winning film
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Film by Michael & Suki Galinsky with Larry David,
Howard Stern, John Stossel and many others on the
real culprit in chronic pain - and what to do to
banish it once and for all.

"Discover the science on how others are
actually eliminating their pain."

Get free medical education on the science of
curing chronic pain vs managing pain. 

"Join the movement to end sex slavery"

A portion of our revenue goes to
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